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Having mice in your home is a fairly common problem, so it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but can often cause you distress and uncomfort in your own home.

Mice can be in your home for quite some time before you even notice their presence.

They’re known to spread diseases in their constant search for food and shelter, as well as causing damage to your property and belongings with their constant gnawing habits.

The common signs that mice may be present in your home are; scratching noises, small dark droppings (just a few millimetres in length) found in corner and around edges as they don’t tend to venture into open space, strange smells, and often small holes in furniture, rubbish bags, skirting boards etc where they have gnawed through.

If you fear you may have mice, call Central pest control, and we can deal with the problem, and even mouse proof your home, giving you piece of mind that they won’t return.

Mice - Central Pest Control - Hull & East Yorkshire

Although rats are more commonly found in commercial properties, they can still be a problem for domestic properties too.

Rats pose a greater health risk than mice and spread more serious diseases, as well as causing significant damage to your property and belongings.

They also introduce disease carrying parasites such as fleas, ticks and lice.

The quicker rats are identified and dealt with the better, as the can reproduce on a huge scale, and cause great damage.

The common signs are similar to that of mice, only on a larger scale.

If you fear you may have rats, call Central pest control, and we can deal with the problem.

Fleas are a common problem in properties, especially those with pets.

Even if you don’t have pets,you could still notice the problem, as they are very easily carried, by pets/animals, and also on human clothing,and very easily transmitted through public transport.

The main concern of having fleas in your property are the bites, these are not painful but often result in the area being itchy or causing a rash.

Although they pose no real health risk to humans, your pets could easily develop an allergy to the bites.

If you think you have fleas in your property, call Central pest control, and we can deal with the problem.

 - Central Pest Control - Hull & East Yorkshire

Wasps are mostly found in the UK when it is warm, so Spring and Summer are when they are most active.

Wasps are most like to sting when they feel under threat, the sting can be painful and cause irritation to the skin. Although to most this is nothing more than an irritation, in some cases the stings can be life threatening, and you may not know you have an allergy until you are stung, so the removal of a wasps nest as soon as possibly is advised.

The signs that you have may have a nest in/on your property are usually swarms in a specific area, these wasps are protecting the nest, common places for them to create nests on your property are often behind guttering, in your loft accessed through air bricks or gaps in roof tiles or  fascia boards, sheds and wheelie bins.

We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to remove or destroy the nest yourself, as they can house 1000s of wasps, and will attack when threatened.

Call Central Pest Control and we will identify and deal with the nest.

 - Central Pest Control - Hull & East Yorkshire